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MPMS software

Configuring device and downloading data without application software is one of the great PQube features, but in large system environments it has some drawbacks.

While configuration and data download for couple of devices can easily be done manually through web browser, this way of handling larger system (tens or hundreds of devices) is rather time consuming, and not efficient.

Adabel has recognized need for developing multi PQube management software, which can be utilized for automatic and simplified handling of device configuration, data download, archiving and reporting tasks.


  • Fast and reliable communication via HTTP protocol
  • Remote upload of PQube configuration
  • Scheduled download of measurement data
  • Single database for all PQube units
  • Automatic customizable data backup
  • Conversion of all records into PQDIF
  • Management of multiple PQube units
  • Data comparison of multiple PQubes
  • Parallel data analysis from multiple PQubes
  • Event list from multiple Pqubes
  • Diverse reports (basic,compliance,comparison)

• Automatic background data processingREPORTS

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Download MPMS datasheet




ARS software 

ARS is system for automated report generation, archiving and mailing. Using PQView program as data source, ARS is able to integrate data from various instrument types and databases. Report structures are flexible – users can configure them according to their needs and requests. ARS provides possibility to create detailed reports for single site (instrument), or comparative reports containing data from multiple sites, even databases.


  • Open system – independent on one manufacturer
  • Supports many instrument types and manufactures
  • Automatic data collecting and archiving
  • Automatic report generation and mailing
  • Background processing – user intervention not required
  • Unlimited number of supported sites
  • Common database for period up to 10 years
  • Settable criteria to meet any standard

Find out more info about ARS:

Download ARS datasheet